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Innovative game with AI NPC – Demons Hunter Order

Synteo , Synteo Entertainment and International History Agency has released an innovative role-playing game based on hi-tech AI Non Player Characters. The game story is based on secret organization called Demons Hunter Order witch has been founded to fight against supernatural creatures like demons and ghost. Official site of the game is here. The game

Changes in modern cars – as modern technology and the Internet affect the automotive market

The automotive market has changed dramatically over the last several years. There are new cars , new solutions and amenities binding to facilitate use and increased security holder of the car and other road users. ┬áSecondary market and trade cars online – the benefits of development When it comes to the automotive market in recent

Use your smartphone as tracking device

In the era of technological progress and the ubiquitous internetisation and mass publication of personal data on the Web there is a problem still evolving surveillance. For a long time it is known that many companies use publicly available data for marketing purposes. Many people still do not realize how dangerous it can be the