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Spies in the sky

Soviet Su- 15 fighter flies toward the target . Once the object is within sight of the remote control from the wings of the plane break off two rockets . Trailing streams of fire, they sped toward the passenger jumbo jet . Missiles hit air – air giant Boeing 747 crashed in the waters of

Methods for the use of new transport technology

Transportation is undoubtedly one of the major issues affecting the economy and other aspects of the economy . A State which has an efficient communication network to grow faster . Trade has a positive effect on the development of the economy and prevents the onset of recurrent waves of crisis. We know , therefore, that

Miniaturization in the production of the newest devices

We all remember the days when a computer with sufficient processing power for us occupied half of the desk. Alternatively, almost all of the space under the desk. At the same time the monitor was of such an extent that sometimes it was necessary to carry out a small revolution in the system of objects

Unmanned aircraft protection of forests

We propose a solution to the use of unmanned drones powered by an electric motor , for example, quadocopters or hexacopters to can monitor large areas of forest and detect potential hazards such as fires and illegal felling of trees and destruction caused by storms and other natural disasters . The idea is based on