Changes in modern cars – as modern technology and the Internet affect the automotive market

The automotive market has changed dramatically over the last several years. There are new cars , new solutions and amenities binding to facilitate use and increased security holder of the car and other road users. ┬áSecondary market and trade cars online – the benefits of development When it comes to the automotive market in recent

Artificial Intelligence on Facebook or robots with emotions in social media – the benefits and risks

Many recent happening in the topic of artificial intelligence . We are not talking about an incredibly complex robots and unusual algorithms , which make a person is not able to completely distinguish the artificial intelligence of a real man . This is a topic for many parts of articles, but it does not match

Projection methods and types of S3D glasses

 There are several features and functions of our visual system , by which we can observe the world as a three-dimensional projection. These functions are: convergence ( simultaneous movement of the eyeballs toward the line of central through simple muscle spasm medial eye , innervated by the third cranial nerve , this phenomenon occurs when

The latest concepts of public transport

Ideas for improving the communication Today, it is believed that the use of public transport is cheap, comfortable and not cause as much of such damages to the environment. This is caused by the large impoverishment of society in recent years, but sees mostly economic benefits from the use of such means of transport. Today

Use your smartphone as tracking device

In the era of technological progress and the ubiquitous internetisation and mass publication of personal data on the Web there is a problem still evolving surveillance. For a long time it is known that many companies use publicly available data for marketing purposes. Many people still do not realize how dangerous it can be the

Use of the symptoms of mental illness in computer graphics

They live among us. Often we do not realize that a neighbor, friend or someone in our family belongs to them. Mentally ill we use to associate with the dark rooms of psychiatric hospitals. With an overwhelming aura of hopelessness, with barred windows, old, dilapidated walls, dirty windows and sheets and sadistic nurses. The term

Miniaturization in the production of the newest devices

We all remember the days when a computer with sufficient processing power for us occupied half of the desk. Alternatively, almost all of the space under the desk. At the same time the monitor was of such an extent that sometimes it was necessary to carry out a small revolution in the system of objects

Unmanned aircraft protection of forests

We propose a solution to the use of unmanned drones powered by an electric motor , for example, quadocopters or hexacopters to can monitor large areas of forest and detect potential hazards such as fires and illegal felling of trees and destruction caused by storms and other natural disasters . The idea is based on

Water pollution sensor based on photodiodes

In cooperation with our partners we have developed in our laboratories concept of a sensor measuring the degree of water pollution. With these considerations, the design took into account the use of a sensor for sensing contamination associated with the development of micro-organisms such as fungi and molds, and plankton and microorganisms such as protozoa.

Independent AI drone as a guard of standing building

The concept is to design an intelligent autonomous drone who performed the tasks associated with building a defense against potential intruders. Artificial intelligence implemented within the software that controls the drone allow for decision-making related to the identification of people and objects in the protected area by drone.