Our mission

Welcome to the site INVENIO . This is a portal run in the form of a blog that was founded by SYNTEO .
It is a place that a crowd of young inventors from around the world . Moreover, this is the place in which he says the inventors , engineers can exchange ideas and develop their own projects through grants offered by our sponsors.
We want to give young people an excellent base for further development and help in establishing cooperation with companies from around the world . We also want to help in the registration of patents.

Through our website is created in a unique system for the exchange of opinions and the ability to share the results of their work to a wide range of scientists and businessmen from all over the world. We work with universities, polytechnics as well as private laboratory which develop new technologies in the fields of electronics , information technology , biotechnology and robotics as well as modern medicine and diagnostics using the latest technology . We focus also on the problems of everyday life designing of inventions useful from the point of view of the daily life of the citizen of the world twenty-first century

Our site is non-commercial and free if you want to present your ideas , find an investor or announce as a potential investor – this is the right place. You can count on professional support to help in the implementation of your project.  Welcome to cooperate with us!