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HyperFlow – analitics moved to next level

According the IPA new startup called Hyper Flow has a chance to become a breakthrough product in the field of combating money laundering, fraud detection and financial activities in the field of know your customer. The term HyperFlow is a combination of two terms: fist is the hypercube – well known  from the Business Intelligence

Atlanta – home automation systems

We are cooperating with Smart phone Solutions – system that work in conjunction with our home security alarms.

Birmingham United Kingdom – security for homes and business

Affordable home security in United Kingdom – one the biggest city – Birmingham  ?

Innovative game with AI NPC – Demons Hunter Order

Synteo , Synteo Entertainment and International History Agency has released an innovative role-playing game based on hi-tech AI Non Player Characters. The game story is based on secret organization called Demons Hunter Order witch has been founded to fight against supernatural creatures like demons and ghost. Official site of the game is here. The game

Spies in the sky

Soviet Su- 15 fighter flies toward the target . Once the object is within sight of the remote control from the wings of the plane break off two rockets . Trailing streams of fire, they sped toward the passenger jumbo jet . Missiles hit air – air giant Boeing 747 crashed in the waters of

Methods for the use of new transport technology

Transportation is undoubtedly one of the major issues affecting the economy and other aspects of the economy . A State which has an efficient communication network to grow faster . Trade has a positive effect on the development of the economy and prevents the onset of recurrent waves of crisis. We know , therefore, that

Space secrets

People have long dreamed of flying in space , but only in the twentieth century dreams become a reality . It has not discovered all the secrets of the then superpowers , for which the ” space race ” was just another stage of the competition. Even before World War II were created in Germany

The latest technology in the textile industry – benefits, risks and controversies

In the future, the clothes are not just incase our body , adorn and distinguish us from the crowd. The development of technology changes clothes in intelligent companion who will monitor our body , enable communication , and acted as a personal computer .  The first signs of a new era clothes are already noticeable.

Changes in modern cars – as modern technology and the Internet affect the automotive market

The automotive market has changed dramatically over the last several years. There are new cars , new solutions and amenities binding to facilitate use and increased security holder of the car and other road users.  Secondary market and trade cars online – the benefits of development When it comes to the automotive market in recent

Artificial Intelligence on Facebook or robots with emotions in social media – the benefits and risks

Many recent happening in the topic of artificial intelligence . We are not talking about an incredibly complex robots and unusual algorithms , which make a person is not able to completely distinguish the artificial intelligence of a real man . This is a topic for many parts of articles, but it does not match