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HyperFlow – analitics moved to next level

According the IPA new startup called Hyper Flow has a chance to become a breakthrough product in the field of combating money laundering, fraud detection and financial activities in the field of know your customer. The term HyperFlow is a combination of two terms: fist is the hypercube – well known  from the Business Intelligence

Methods for the use of new transport technology

Transportation is undoubtedly one of the major issues affecting the economy and other aspects of the economy . A State which has an efficient communication network to grow faster . Trade has a positive effect on the development of the economy and prevents the onset of recurrent waves of crisis. We know , therefore, that

The latest technology in the textile industry – benefits, risks and controversies

In the future, the clothes are not just incase our body , adorn and distinguish us from the crowd. The development of technology changes clothes in intelligent companion who will monitor our body , enable communication , and acted as a personal computer .  The first signs of a new era clothes are already noticeable.

The latest concepts of public transport

Ideas for improving the communication Today, it is believed that the use of public transport is cheap, comfortable and not cause as much of such damages to the environment. This is caused by the large impoverishment of society in recent years, but sees mostly economic benefits from the use of such means of transport. Today

Miniaturization in the production of the newest devices

We all remember the days when a computer with sufficient processing power for us occupied half of the desk. Alternatively, almost all of the space under the desk. At the same time the monitor was of such an extent that sometimes it was necessary to carry out a small revolution in the system of objects

Independent AI drone as a guard of standing building

The concept is to design an intelligent autonomous drone who performed the tasks associated with building a defense against potential intruders. Artificial intelligence implemented within the software that controls the drone allow for decision-making related to the identification of people and objects in the protected area by drone.