Monthly archives: December, 2013

Water pollution sensor based on photodiodes

In cooperation with our partners we have developed in our laboratories concept of a sensor measuring the degree of water pollution. With these considerations, the design took into account the use of a sensor for sensing contamination associated with the development of micro-organisms such as fungi and molds, and plankton and microorganisms such as protozoa.

Independent AI drone as a guard of standing building

The concept is to design an intelligent autonomous drone who performed the tasks associated with building a defense against potential intruders. Artificial intelligence implemented within the software that controls the drone allow for decision-making related to the identification of people and objects in the protected area by drone.

Hello inventors !

Here, each of you can find what you’re looking for. You have repeatedly wondered whether your invention is likely to become widespread and can be used daily lives ? You have also thinking: Will it be a company or an investor who will help me create a business product that may hit the market. Both